Zean's biography

Zean Villongco

Zean's life and career path has been anything but 'regular'. He took up Biology in college with eager hopes of becoming a doctor and has, for the initial years of his university study, managed to maintain a reputable academic track. But his initial forays into outdoor adventure with college friends disrupted all of that focus, and he eventually turned his attention to pursuing other 'less confining' occupational options. Zean thereafter went into environmental conservation after college and more specifically into marine research when he took up scuba diving. It was during this time that he had the most formative years of his life.

Having worked as a marine biologist and conservationist for several years, Zean has had the opportunity to travel to and live in places far from the comforts and indulgences of modern city life. It was this 'exposure' of his that eventually inspired him to take up photography, and eventually video and filmmaking much later on – in order for him to document and capture images of the fascinating people and places that he has seen during his travels. Since then, Zean's images, as well as his written works, have already appeared in several publications such as Action Asia, Asian Traveler, Cruising, Turista, The Philippines Graphic, The Philippine Star, The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Manila Bulletin, and Mabuhay; and likewise on websites such as Uncharted Philippines, National Geographics, Entrepreneur, KLM On Assignment, and CNN Travel.

Aside from photography and video, Zean is also passionate about web design and about exploring the web's possibilities for visual communication. He has, for a time, worked as a creative director for an IT company, but, being the incorrigible wanderer that he is, he eventually left the corporate scene to pursue a freelance career. Zean set up Big Squid Creatives, a digital media studio with which he is now able to fully utilize and exhaust all of his creative energy and interests.

As an avid outdoorsman, Zean is also a certified scuba diving instructor and likewise indulges in mountaineering, rock climbing, surfing, biking, and trail running. In all, Zean sums up his aspirations in one line: "I am a traveller and storyteller."